On the Course

On the course, members and guests should be appropiately attired for golf and golf shoes should be worn. Training shoes or “street shoes” are not allowed, (junior members are exempt from this rule, but must change their footwear before entering the clubhouse). Also they should not wear collar-less T-shirts, sleeve-less shirts (men only), nor football or rugby-type shirts. Blue Denim jeans are not allowed in club competitions but they can be worn, subject to the above restrictions, in friendly or practice rounds.

The use of mobile phones on the Golf course is prohibited, except in an emergency.

In the Clubhouse

Our club aims to promote a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the clubhouse. We expect our members, guests and visitors to be tidy at all times. Casual but smart is the minimum requirement.
As a guideline collar-less T-shirts, sleeve-less shirts (men only), football or rugby-type shirts are not acceptable. Tailored shorts are acceptable as are blue Denim jeans if they are neat and tidy and of uniform colour and are free of fraying, holes, rips or tears.
Children under 10 years old are excused from the above dress codes.

In the clubhouse, please use mobile phones with consideration. We prefer that they are switched off in the main lounge-bar area. However, we appreciate this is not always practical but, if a call is received, it MUST be taken outwith the main lounge/bar area. No calls should be made from inside the main lounge/bar area.

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