Greens Report 3rd Feb 2018

Actions undertaken in January

As with last month with the weather conditions and the enforced closure of the course there has been limited activity on the course, we took the opportunity to use up outstanding holidays along with the seasonal closedown,

•Some further green keeping equipment has been serviced,
•Removal of whins from the left hand side at the 7th green, ( right side for ladies)
•Ongoing work to renovate or replace the safety netting behind the 3rd and 14th Tees
•Greens were hand cut
•Bunker at left of 5th green under rebuild

February Targeted Jobs,

•Complete the enlargement of the practice area,
•Continue with winter programme to upgrade bunkers, Right Front at the 14th green,
•Continue with the removal of whins at the 7th green to allow a new path to be established leading to the ladies 7th Tee
•Complete replacement of the safety netting behind the 3rd and 14th Tee areas
•Lift the worn Astroturf at end of the gulley road and lay turf and rubber matting
•Relay the path leading to the 6th Tee with turf and rubber matting
•Install new lamp to lamp post

Greens Report - 7th March 2018

Activities this month:
• Rebuilding bunker to front left of 5th green
• Rebuilding bunker at front of 14th green - front. Turfing to be completed this week (some damage during wet spell)
• Vertidraining of fairways continues - some of 1st fairway and bottom of 12th still to be completed (weather dependent)
• Vertidraining of greens - half are done. remainder should be completed by the end of the week
• Remove pole from rear of 9th green - need to be reset into concrete
• Painting, staining and varnishing of course furniture.
• Received delivery of poles and panels for 14th tee fencing
• Matting installed at the end of the path at gully
• Similar matting installed at path through to the field.
• Greens being hand cut when possible

Next Month
• Installing posts and fence panels at 14th tee. Need ground to be drier as required lifting equipment to be moved to tee.
• Complete bunker at front of 14th
• Rebuild bunker at left of 8th green
• Drain to be dug on 7th green from 25% on and centre to cliff-top
• Prep course for summer season (assume target date of 4th April)
• Practice net to be reinstalled
• Course definition plan (this is likely to fall into April)

In addition you will have seen that the car park work has started. The work is likely to take an additional 2-weeks to complete. This will mean restrictions in parking spaces over that period. There have been some issues with this work - specifically a burst water supply and unidentified electrical cables, but this has been resolved.

Greens Report 11th April 2018

Actions undertaken in March

• Upgrade to the bunker at the front of the 14th completed
• Upgrade of the bunker to the front of the 8th completed
• Practice frame and netting has been re-erected
• Fairway Verti-Draining has now all been completed
• The safety fence to the back of the 14th Tee has been completed
• The course has been prepared for summer play in the usual fashion , in spite of very poor weather during the last week in March most of the usual tasks were complete although one or two small details were omitted
• Due to the continuing very wet conditions most of the greens are being hand cut,

April Targeted Jobs,

• Top dressing now due to be delivered and applied to the greens as conditions allow
• Carry out a survey of existing drains and determine areas that need to be worked on
• Continue with the removal of whins at the 7th green to allow a new path to be established leading to the ladies tee
• Erect a new fence to screen off the small yard area at the course side of the small greenkeepers shed
• Trim off bunker edges as necessary
• We have taken delivery of a used Toro rough cut mower, we will plan out what grass length and profile of fairways we will wish to achieve
• Install new lamp to lamp post

Volunteer Group

No on-course actions planned

The upgrade to the upper car park is still continuing, the concrete edging is now all complete. If the weather allows we hope to begin to tar the strip between the existing road and the new concrete. We have to wait about 2 weeks for the concrete to cure sufficiently to allow the steel kerb bar to be attached. We will also need to line out the parking area.

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