Greens Report – 8th Aug 2017

Routine grass cutting to the greens, tees and fairways has continued throughout the month.

Verti-draining and top dressing has continued on the tees and including both of the practice greens, this process has made a great improvement to the look and feel of the tees. There are still 4 to be completed.

The water damaged paths have been mostly reinstated.

The trees at the railway side of the 9th tee which had begun to be a problem from the medal tee have been pruned back.

All greens have been top dressed

The area of the 8th medal tee medal that has been allowed to grow up to surround length is being cut back and both the front and rear tees will be re-shaped to their original profile, the grass alongside the tee at the railway side will be allowed to grow and will only be cut back from the tee surface one Flymo width. 

This Months Targeted Jobs. 
Complete the Verti-drain of all the tees and apply a heavy top dress application, this process has been spread over a few weeks to allow for hand cutting of the Tees during the re-growth period.

Complete the Reinstatement of the water damaged paths and roadways.

Investigate wet area to the top side of the 17th fairway, suspect leaking water pipe.

Clean down the path leading from the 14th tee.

Re-cement the loose step at the clubhouse stairway.

Volunteer Group

Will continue to clean and paint the ball washer posts.
Check over and replace OOB post as needed.
Paint bunds at the greenkeeper facility.
Paint the greenkeepers old store.
Top fill the water pipe channel from the Greenkeepers facility to the Club-House

Ivan Groundwater

Greens Report - 12th July 2017

Routine maintenance to the greens the tees and also the fairways has continued throughout the month.
Our external contractor has sprayed the fairways on the seaside of the course excluding the gully holes with selective weed killer to eliminate daisies. This is hopefully the last of a 3 year programme where our own staff will attend to any remaining patches that appear on the course. This should be sufficient for us to stay reasonable clear for the next 7-8 years.
Paths at the 8th and 14th tee have been completed with rubber crumb and rubber wear mats placed at the ends.
Verti-draining and top dressing has begun on the tees which should encourage growth and help to smooth out the tee surfaces.
Work has begun to reinstate water damaged paths.

This Months Targeted Jobs,

Complete the Verti-drain of all the tees and apply a heavy top dress application. This process will be spread over a few weeks to allow for hand cutting of the Tees during this process.
Verti-cut & top dress greens.
Reinstate water damaged paths and roadways,

Ivan Groundwater

Greens Report – 6th June 2017

Routine maintenance to the greens, tees and the fairways has continued throughout the month. Now that the dry weather has been replaced with heavy rain if we get a warm spell we would expect to see a good increase in growth we should also see an improvement to the remaining verti-core tine marks on some greens and fairways.
Further work has been carried out on the practice net and hopefully it should now be in a safe condition to see out the season.
The access road going down past the greenkeeper’s facility has been re-surfaced down to the concrete pad area and completed.
The process to upgrade the paths and walkways has begun, the area and path between the 5th & 16th tee has been resurfaced with rubber crumb but the verge areas has still to be completed.
Part of the pathway on the sea side of the 15th tee has been upgraded leaving the bottom section still to be completed. We have taken a further delivery of materials to allow us to complete this area.
Some of the ball washer poles and the stand at the clubhouse has been rubbed down ready for re-paint

This Months Targeted Jobs,

Further work is required to increase the size of the practice area beside the churchyard.
Continue the process of upgrade to the paths and walkways throughout the course, the next area is likely to be beside the 8th Tee.
The tees are due to be Verti-cored and top dressed, this process is very much weather dependant.

Ivan Groundwater

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